Jen Burkey

"And though she be but little, she is fierce."




About Me

I'm Jen and I'm from Texas, which means I say "y'all" a lot and like to talk about the fact that I'm from Texas #TexasForever. However, I moved to Chicago in November in 2014 and am happy to finally be in a city where my love of hot dogs is right at home.

By day, I work as a strategist at an advertising agency connecting the digital dots between client wants and needs to consumer insights and category opportunities. When I'm not working, you can probably find me in my kitchen trying my hand at a new dish, at the gym or on my yoga mat getting my sweat on, or planning my next big vacation or birthday party.



Jen Facts


ho ho ho 

In the fall of 2014, I volunteered as a helper elf at the Charles W. Howard Santa School. 
It was one of the most magical weekends of my life, complete with over a hundred Santas and even a pair of reindeer.

Life's a parade

For my 28th birthday, I co-hosted a parade through the streets of New Orleans. Police escorts closed down the streets as I danced through the French Quarter with a group of friends to the sounds of a 7-piece brass band.

allen wrenches on deck 

I would be perfectly happy building Ikea furniture for a living. Few things give me more satisfaction than deciphering my way through the hieroglyphic instructions to building a finished product.


pass the ketchup

I have an irrational an unapologetic love for hot dogs. 



last big adventure



This summer, I spent two weeks traveling through Vietnam from tail to tip. Starting in hectic Ho Chi Minh City over to the cool highlands of Dalat, then east to the coastline of Nha Trang, a 26-hour train ride north to humid Hanoi and an unreal cruise through Ha Long Bay made up the most incredible trip I've had to date. Ask me about the food and I might never shut up.

When life gets hard, pull your belt one notch tighter and keep going.
— My grandpa, my hero